Connie Manna
Artist Statement
     Inspiration springs from the timeless observation of the world around me and injects each scene with a sense of memory - both personal and collective.
     Born and raised in New York, I have always been accustomed to moving at the pace of this vibrant city. I process visual information at all times—that which inspires me literally stops me in my tracks. I draw a series of rough sketches in order to capture the feel of a specific moment. I am judicious in my use of the human form. It appears in order to create physical or emotional tension or to represent a universal truth about the human condition. Much of the time, these figures are universal, ageless and genderless. I want each viewer to enter the piece freely, unencumbered by my interpretation or point of view. 
     I intend for my paintings to provide the viewer an opportunity to slow down and take pause, inviting introspection and reflection. I leave it to the viewer to decide what is about to happen. A review of my paintings sums up my objective: “The works in this space that detain the eye the longest are the paintings of Constance Manna, especially that of a stage door illuminated from above.  Ms. Manna’s interior of a movie theatre…is no less pregnant with anticipation.”
-Vivien Raynor.  New York Times, August 1, 1993.